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How to care for your
bed linen

How often should you wash your bed linen?

In most cases, bed sheets should be washed once per week. Washing bed sheets weekly will keep duvet covers and pillowcases smelling and feeling fresh, but depending on your lifestyle, you may wish to wash your bedspread more or less frequently.

Manual workers benefit from washing their bed a couple of times a week, whereas those that work away/don't sleep in their own bed every night may prefer to reduce washes to just once fortnightly.

How to wash bed linen?

Once you've found the perfect bedding set, you want it to last. It's important to always wash bed linen separately from your normal load to help prevent colours mixing and avoid shrinkage by following the care instructions on the label.

Deep colours should be washed together, and ideally the pillowcase and duvet cover should be washed together too.

To help maintain the colour of your bedding, we recommend using a neutral-coloured detergent and when it comes to ironing, doing so when the bedlinen is still slightly damp works a treat as it helps to iron out those creases. Using a neutrally coloured detergent will help maintain the colour of your bedding.

How to keep your bedding smelling fresh?

There are lots of different ways to help keep bedding smelling fresh. First and foremost, try to ensure that you change your bedding once per week, and when washing your bedding, always use a fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner not only softens your bed linen, but fragrances it, too.

As the days pass, that fresh bedding smell will start to fade, but you can keep things smelling beautiful using linen sprays and fabric sprays. A little goes a long way, so you needn't douse your bedding in spray to get that fresh fragrance.

Bedding sizes

Bedding Sizes

Duvet guide

Tog ratings explained

Paying attention to the tog rating of your duvet is important, as this determines how thick and heavy your duvet is.

If you have the storage space, it's worth investing in two duvets - one for summer and one for the winter. During those warmer months, focus on lower tog ratings and for the latter half of the year, shop for higher tog sizes.

Can duvets go in the washing machine?

Whether there's been a spillage, or you simply feel your duvet would benefit from a proper freshen up, it's good to know that your duvet can go in the washing machine.

The most important thing when washing a duvet in the washing machine is to pay close attention to the washing label. Feather duvets in particular can be very heavy, so they require extra care when washing. It's also worth noting that feather duvets can take a long time to dry.

Can duvets go in the dryer?

Duvets can go in the dryer, but this can cause the bedding to crease quite a lot and the scent from your fabric conditioner will probably disappear during the drying process, too. The good news is that you can get tumble dryer sheets that help keep the bed linen smelling fresh and fabulous.

As always, be sure to check the washing/drying label on your duvet for any specific instructions.


What are the different types of pillowcases?

Pillow sham

Pillow sham cases tend to be made from more luxurious fibres than regular pillowcases, with the likes of silk, satin and cashmere making up the fabric.

Oxford pillowcase

Oxford pillowcases feature a border around the outside for decoration. They look luxurious and are often placed in front of housewife pillowcases for display purposes.

Housewife pillowcase

Housewife pillowcases are very simply styled and are used to sleep on. They are often placed behind pillow sham or Oxford pillowcases when used for display.

How to wash pillowcases?

Pillowcases are easy to wash in the washing machine - just be sure to check the wash label beforehand. To keep the pillowcases in great condition, it's also worth washing them inside-out. This won't impact how clean they are when they're taken out of the washing machine, but it will prevent any bobbling to the exterior over time.

Update the essentials

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Make over!

Looking to transform your space or
just add a few statement pieces?

How to arrange bedroom furniture

Those with small bedrooms find arranging bedroom furniture particularly challenging, but the most important thing is to keep things simple and steer clear of clutter. Avoid large dressing tables and desks in smaller spaces and opt for sleek wardrobes without handles. Another tip would be to try not to push furniture directly into corners. This may feel like it’s making the room look bigger, but it can do the complete opposite – squashing things into corners can really accentuate the small proportions of the room.

How to choose the right bed

Shopping for a bed can be a challenge to say the least, which is why it’s important to do research. Think about the size of the bed you want to begin with. Perhaps you want a big king size bed that you can really sprawl out in? Or maybe you’re shopping for a single bed to fit into your box bedroom?

Once you’ve decided on the bed size you are shopping for, consider the different styles available. Bed storage is appealing as this can act as a great space-saving investment. Alternatively, you may wish to buy a bed with a headboard. Headboards are super stylish and have the potential to completely transform the look of a space.

Those all-important
finishing touches

How to accessorise your bedroom with soft furnishings

There's nothing quite like an inviting bedroom. You want to create a space that's cosy and welcoming - that makes you want to jump into bed and snuggle up straight away!

Create your dream bedroom setup by introducing textured cushions and flashes of colour. Chunky throws will make things super sumptuous, and the addition of a bedroom mirror will breathe life and light into the room, too.

How to choose the right lighting & lamps for your bedroom

Selecting the right lighting for your bedroom is important as it can really transform the look and feel of your space. Chandeliers add a lavish and luxurious feel, meanwhile simple lampshades look sleek and modern. We've got lots of bedroom ceiling lights and bedroom lamps to choose from, so whether your space is stylish and contemporary or cute and cosy, we've got you covered.