Payment Options

Your Personal Account

The following Terms and Conditions relate only to new customers registering online. If you are an existing customer, please sign in to view the Terms & Conditions that relate to your own account.

How it works

The most popular way to shop and pay is with an Personal Account. Every 28 days we send you a statement, an order form and a payment slip.

Your Statement shows:

  • What's been sent to you
  • What you've paid
  • The balance still to be paid
  • The minimum payment required

If we open a personal account for you, we will give you a credit limit and tell you how much it is. If you pay in this way, a minimum payment of 1/12th of the cash price of the goods and/or services you have purchased will be due from you when a statement is sent to you every 28 days. The APR is 47.9% variable and will vary if the rate of interest is varied. Personal accounts are only available to persons over 18. Written quotations are available on request.

If you make a purchase to the value of €100, repay in 12 equal monthly repayments and the interest rate does not vary, the total amount you pay will be €118.76 made up of the purchases of €100 and a total cost of credit of €18.76. If you pay more than the minimum, the amount of the interest will be reduced accordingly. We reserve the right to vary any rate of interest charged on your account, but in the event that this is necessary we will give you at least 21 days' prior notice so you can consider your options.

If you purchase goods and/or services and pay for them using your account then, if you pay in full before the second statement after the date of purchase, no interest will be debited to your account. However, if you do not pay in full by then, a interest at the appropriate rate, ignoring any credits to the account, will be charged on the outstanding balance brought forward from your previous statement and on the cash price of any goods and/or services purchased during the previous statement period calculated on a daily basis and accruing from the date of purchase.

Right of Refusal

Please note that Oxendale & Co. Limited t/a Oxendales, Jacamo, Simply Be & The Brilliant Gift Shop reserve the right to refuse new customers' orders for certain goods (in particular electrical products, computers and computer games) until new customers have built up an appropriate trading history with us. Your order may be refused even after you sign up for a credit account. It is within our sole discretion to refuse any order, or part of it, as we see fit.

Warning: This is high-cost credit. Consider alternative options before applying for this credit, including alternatives from other lenders regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

If you get into difficulties with your repayments under this agreement help and advice may be available to you from the Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) on 076 107 2000

How to pay

For all payments please allow 7 days for processing

Online with us, at

The easiest way to pay into your Personal Account is to do it online via our website. As you know, it's open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

To use this website to make a payment into your account, go to 'My Account' and select 'Account Balance and Payment'. Your balance will be displayed and you will be asked to select whether you are using a credit or debit card.

Please enter all the required details carefully - you will be asked to confirm the amount that you have entered to ensure that you have not made a mistake. Alternatively you can select a card you have previously chosen to save. This can be managed in your 'Manage Your Card Details'. This allows you to securely store up to 20 cards.

The card details and amount that you enter will then be sent via a secure link to your card provider who will authorise the transaction.

A confirmation screen will be displayed. If there has been any delay in the response from your card provider, the confirmation screen will explain that we will keep trying to contact them and will update your balance once the payment has been authorised (this can take up to 3 days).

You can also pay the full amount when you order - just click on 'Add Credit/Debit Card' on the checkout page.

Credit Card payments made at the time of order or on receipt of statement will be subject to a 1.5% handling charge.

N.B. when placing an order with a debit card the bank will pre-authorise the full amount. However, in the case of multiple purchases your account will be debited for each item individually. This can result in the original pre-authorisation being held by the bank between 3 to 10 days. This is not therefore a situation where a customer is charged twice for the same thing but rather that the monies are not released and are inaccessible. This is outside Oxendales' direct control.

By post with a cheque

Make the cheque payable to 'Oxendale &' Co. Limited'. Write your Personal Customer Number on the back of the cheque and send it to us with your completed Payment Slip. (Please post and allow at least 7 days for your payment to be delivered and processed.)

By Postal Order, Bill Pay, Post Point or Pay Zone

If you wish to pay by postal order please make it payable to Oxendales and cross it "& Co". Then send it along to us with your completed Payment Slip. You can also pay by Bill Pay. Simply go to the Post Office with your Oxendales payment slip and request payment by the Billpay Service. To pay by Post Point, take your payment slip to your local Post Point outlet. Your account will be debited €1 for each payment you make to us via BillPay or PostPoint.

You can now pay your account in any Payzone outlet which includes convenience stores and petrol stations. There is no charge for this service. Click this link to the agent finder on the Payzone website to find your closest outlet.

Through your bank

Customers may also pay by 24 hour banking, contact your bank to set up and quote your personal customer number. Our bank account number is 46109044 and sort code is 93 22 05. IBAN is IE60AIBK93220546109044 and BIC is AIBKIE2D.

By Credit Card, Debit Card and 3V Vouchers

We can accept monthly payments or payments in full at the time of the order by debit or credit card or 3v voucher. Just quote your details over the phone when making your order or when making a monthly payment.

Credit Card payments made at the time of order or on receipt of statement will be subject to a 1.5% handling charge.